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Time flies

Since Baby J’s arrival, everyone asks who she looks like. And we usually say “I don’t know.”  Because, honestly, newborns look like, well, they usually look like newborns!

So today I snapped a few pics of Antonio with the girls, and it was like deja vu! Baby J looked like The Little One!

The family today.

Ever since The Little One could understand that there would soon be a new baby in the house she always said that she would look like her. So maybe she was right. We already call her a genius, maybe she’s physic too!

The family just 2 years ago!

Time flies when you’re having fun!

Happy 15th Birthday!!!


Today is Monkey’s 15th birthday. I really can’t belive that she is 15, a real teenager. (Everyone knows that 13 and 14 don’t really count) :)

When I was younger I loved monkeys, and anything that had a monkey on it. So it was only natural that my little “Shadow” would be called Monkey. A few years ago I asked her when she would be too old for me to call her Monkey. And she said never, which made me smile, even though I know better. But for now she’s still my Monkey.

It’s been both pretty exciting and pretty scary to watch her grow up. But I’m very proud of the person that she’s grown up to be. And am even more excited to see the young lady that she will become.

Happy Birthday Monkey, I love you!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Baby J!

Family admiring the newest member

Checking each other out


I like to call myself a jack of all trades. I mean, there isn’t much that I won’t try to tackle myself. But it does take me some time to get started. You know, I’m kind of like your old car. It may take a while for it to gain momentum and get rolling, but once it does, there’s no stopping it. That was all just to say that, well I’m a procrastinator. Whew! I said it. Yes, I daydream, plan, put off, forget, re-plan, and then get to moving. But My husband Antonio is the complete opposite. Some people may call it a bit impulsive, but the man does not play. Once he’s almost certain that something needs to be done, the ball is already rolling. Which (although I may be rolling my eyes) I do admire.

So awhile ago I got the itchy feeling that I get when I must, I mean, absolutely must do one of my projects. This time it was an empty wall in our family room that was irking me to death. The wall is visible from the front door when you come into the house, and it kept bothering me how blank it seemed. I mean, are we those people? You know the ones who’ve lived in their house for five years without putting ten holes in the wall. No. So after much debate and thought I decided to create a piece of large art for the wall.

(Blank wall)

With that decided I went in search for the needed supplies with my 40% coupons in hand. However, because of the size of the wall the canvas was still going to cost at least $40. Ummm, no. Luckily before leaving the store I checked out my favorite section (the clearance isle) and there was a ray of sunlight shining down on a 4 pack of canvases marked down from $48 to $9.  And then I even found the good acrylic paint usually $7 a tube for $1 because they were discontinuing the brand. So it was my lucky night. Once I got everything home………………..well there was a lapse in execution (procrastination) as I pondered what to paint. A few days later I enlisted the help of my original helper, Monkey, to paint the canvases. We decided to do an abstract piece mainly because, well…. because we  can’t paint! So we just played around with the colors and the texture until we were satisfied with the results.

(Monkey painting.)

Then we went shopping around the house to accessorize the area for free (candle holders and table). And this was the end result and we were all pretty happy.

(Initial end result)

Until….. my technology happy husband had another idea that involved buying  ANOTHER big flat screen tv.  His plan involved installing a 51 inch flat screen in the place of the painting. The family room is very large (it includes the kitchen, dining area, and tv area) but there’s another 56 inch tv in the room!  The plan sounded a bit much. But with my Antonio, that’s not unusual. At our old house he had HIS seat in the living room that he sat in during football season. He loved it because he could watch one game in the living room and turn his head and see the tv in the den to check up on another game. And since football season  is now under way, it was the inspiration for this newest plan, which I was pretty opposed to. But he used his skill of persuasion and noted that this new tv would only be used for:

  1. secondary football games (with no volume)
  2. play music with a screen saver showing
  3. to display photo slide shows

So he won me over. Until the mammoth appliance arrived to the house! It was gigantic. Which meant back to the drawing board. I was perfectly fine with it all going back to the store, but he had other plans. After much planning, he decided we should move our tv that was in our bedroom downstairs to the family room, and put the new tv in its place. This did sound a bit better, because the other tv is much smaller (46 inches) and looks less like a traditional tv because it has a white frame. So three days later (of which we were out of town half of, what’s up WR) his plan was complete.

(Master bedroom BEFORE, with the white tv.)

Master bedroom BEFORE the switch. (months ago)

(Yes, that is a baby under the table. After a long day traveling and shopping at Ikea, she stayed up with me until 3 in the morning while I assembled everything I bought!)

(My movers bringing the table BACK upstairs. I think they need more protein.)

(The new tv upstairs.)

(The master bedroom AFTER the switch.)

The bedroom looks like it was always intended to be this way. We love it.

(Antonio figuring everything out.)

To finish off the family room we bought a new console table and used accessories we already had but weren’t using.

(View from the door)

(Close up)

(View of whole family room AFTER)

I’m usually in charge of our home projects/ decor, but I loved doing this with my husband. We transformed two rooms in a maater of days. It was fun. I doubt if I’ll be able to drag him along to go  shopping for throw pillows, but  I can’t wait to do our next project together. We love the way it all turned out, and most of the credit goes to him for thinking outside of the box. Antonio, you really did a great job. (OK, enough already, stop patting yourself on the back.) :)

Up for Air!

Hey I’m back! It’s been a fast and furious past week, but it’s been wonderful. Here at home we were  preparing for the long awaited arrival of my husband, and……….. he’s finally home! Of course I had a list two feet long, of which I actually only accomplished two inches of. But who cares, does he really care if the hand soap in the guest bathroom smells like roses instead of vanilla?! He’s home,  and it feels great. I think our entire family will soon start to have facial spasms from smiling so much. Really.

(enjoying breakfast in “bed” with Daddy)

I never forget how good it feels to have him home and am reminded how lucky we are as a family. The Little One, who is usually my little helper, my side kick, my right hand man, my …… you get the point. Well she’s almost all but forgotten about her Mommy. But I love watching her with her Daddy, she’s totally in love.  But I can’t blame her, because I am too.

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my wedding anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Antonio!

It’s truly amazing to think that a little more than ten years ago we met, and it instantly felt like I’d known you my whole life. You are a beautiful person that I have been blessed to grow up with over the years. You are the Sun to my moon, and it all happens because of you. Thank you for being a wonderful husband, and an even better father to our growing family. Speaking of which, let’s drop them off somewhere and go celebrate!

I love you and thank you for always loving me.

I’m an Orange Moon and I shine so bright
Cause I reflect the light of my sun
I praise the day, he turned my way
And smiled at me
He gets to smile and I get to be orange, that I love to be

How good it is, how good it is
How good it is, how good it is


(Orange Moon)

Happy Anniversary Part 2

Ok, this is just a fun continuation to my previous post celebrating my wedding anniversary.

 (us in Hawaii)

And I wanted to share a few things that over the years my husband has taught me………..

  • I’m a better driver
  • how to play dominoes
  • it’s ok to have Waffle House on speed dial
  • I’m usually right
  • more than I want to know about US Presidents
  • to let the baby cry
  • I hate to lose
  • the history of …….(well just about everything)
  • everything tastes better with cheese
  • I hate being wrong
  • how to take shots
  • I’m really competitive
  • not to worry about what others think
  • I can be kind of spoiled
  • how to get ready faster than he does
  • there’s nothing better than reading a good book

Lastly, and most importantly, how to love unconditionally.

143 ADL

Mudroom Artwork

We have a mudroom that’s right off the garage coming into the house. Although we did hang a few hooks and install a diy’d bench a while ago,  it’s still a bit drab and just a spot to drop your things in after a long day.  So in the hopes of helping to inspire a great day at school/work/errand running, we’ve decided to decorate the area a bit.

So here’s a before shot of the area. Of course I could have straightened it up a bit, but that would defeat the point. You know, it’s kind of like those makeup infomercials. The ones that it looks like the before picture was the model’s mugshot after a long night out.

We decided on a few quick diy art projects for the area for several reasons. First they’re cheap, and secondly, they fun to do with the kids. Most of the supplies I had on hand already, thanks to my constant hoarding scoring of sales and marked down items. Hey, you never know when you’ll need another shadowbox missing the glass.

The first piece I worked on was an idea I saw over at deliacreates. Basically, you just take a picture and transfer it to a canvas using a gel medium. The end result is this cool distressed custom piece of art. The instructions are pretty easy, but may take a try or two, so be patient if you try it.  I took a picture of the Little One and blew it up a bit.

Here’s the first try.

It was almost the way I envisioned it, except for the fact that I had rubbed a chunk of her face off the canvas. Opps. So in an effort to correct it I added another layer of the missing piece of her face and repeated the process.  Then I added a bit of color and her newest favorite saying, which happens to be “Ever, ever, ever!” As in “I’ll never, never, never ( insert whatever she doesn’t want to do at the moment)!”

Here’s the finished canvas. I like how it turned out, and I keep catching her looking up at it, so I guess she likes it too.

Next T&D got involved with a melted crayon project that’s been all over the web. I saw it on younghouselove during their Pinterest Challenge, where people were encouraged to diy projects and ideas they had found online. This was our inspiration, and again it seemed pretty simple. I had a huge canvas that I had painted over and the kids figured out how they wanted to crayons positioned.

Ok, the thing is that my husband has on more than one occasion called me cheap. Well not just cheap, but cheap on the wrong things. Like, driving across town and using $2 worth of gas to use a 50 cent coupon. I get it, and have made a point to cut back on my cheapsake ways, but this time I really didn’t think it would matter. Anyways, I was at the store and saw that the crayons were still on sale for back to school. Crayola was 40 cents BUT Rose Art was 20 cent! Even though I prefer Crayola I figured it wouldn’t matter. Mistake #1.

After the crayons were glued to the canvas we sat it outside in the sun. Why use a blow dryer (and 47 cents worth of electricity), like the instructions stated when it’s 200 degrees outside? I mean, what would Bill Nye (the science guy) say? Mistake #2.

So after some time, (cooking dinner and doing homework) we go to check on it, only to find this ugly greasy mess.

What a waste of my canvas and $2! So on to plan B. I bought better crayons and went back to the drawing board. Here’s Turtle D following directions this time.

We did two much smaller canvases with different colors. And they came  out great. Here’s the first one.

And the other.

Afterwards we just arranged the canvases, along with a few other things, like a shadowbow that was missing the glass that I lined with dark cork to make a cool cork board.  Look how neat and organized it looks now!

Here’s another after pic. We like the way it turned out.


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