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Mudroom Artwork

We have a mudroom that’s right off the garage coming into the house. Although we did hang a few hooks and install a diy’d bench a while ago,  it’s still a bit drab and just a spot to drop your things in after a long day.  So in the hopes of helping to inspire a great day at school/work/errand running, we’ve decided to decorate the area a bit.

So here’s a before shot of the area. Of course I could have straightened it up a bit, but that would defeat the point. You know, it’s kind of like those makeup infomercials. The ones that it looks like the before picture was the model’s mugshot after a long night out.

We decided on a few quick diy art projects for the area for several reasons. First they’re cheap, and secondly, they fun to do with the kids. Most of the supplies I had on hand already, thanks to my constant hoarding scoring of sales and marked down items. Hey, you never know when you’ll need another shadowbox missing the glass.

The first piece I worked on was an idea I saw over at deliacreates. Basically, you just take a picture and transfer it to a canvas using a gel medium. The end result is this cool distressed custom piece of art. The instructions are pretty easy, but may take a try or two, so be patient if you try it.  I took a picture of the Little One and blew it up a bit.

Here’s the first try.

It was almost the way I envisioned it, except for the fact that I had rubbed a chunk of her face off the canvas. Opps. So in an effort to correct it I added another layer of the missing piece of her face and repeated the process.  Then I added a bit of color and her newest favorite saying, which happens to be “Ever, ever, ever!” As in “I’ll never, never, never ( insert whatever she doesn’t want to do at the moment)!”

Here’s the finished canvas. I like how it turned out, and I keep catching her looking up at it, so I guess she likes it too.

Next T&D got involved with a melted crayon project that’s been all over the web. I saw it on younghouselove during their Pinterest Challenge, where people were encouraged to diy projects and ideas they had found online. This was our inspiration, and again it seemed pretty simple. I had a huge canvas that I had painted over and the kids figured out how they wanted to crayons positioned.

Ok, the thing is that my husband has on more than one occasion called me cheap. Well not just cheap, but cheap on the wrong things. Like, driving across town and using $2 worth of gas to use a 50 cent coupon. I get it, and have made a point to cut back on my cheapsake ways, but this time I really didn’t think it would matter. Anyways, I was at the store and saw that the crayons were still on sale for back to school. Crayola was 40 cents BUT Rose Art was 20 cent! Even though I prefer Crayola I figured it wouldn’t matter. Mistake #1.

After the crayons were glued to the canvas we sat it outside in the sun. Why use a blow dryer (and 47 cents worth of electricity), like the instructions stated when it’s 200 degrees outside? I mean, what would Bill Nye (the science guy) say? Mistake #2.

So after some time, (cooking dinner and doing homework) we go to check on it, only to find this ugly greasy mess.

What a waste of my canvas and $2! So on to plan B. I bought better crayons and went back to the drawing board. Here’s Turtle D following directions this time.

We did two much smaller canvases with different colors. And they came  out great. Here’s the first one.

And the other.

Afterwards we just arranged the canvases, along with a few other things, like a shadowbow that was missing the glass that I lined with dark cork to make a cool cork board.  Look how neat and organized it looks now!

Here’s another after pic. We like the way it turned out.

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