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11Months Old!

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The countdown has now began. Baby J just turned 11 months yesterday. Which means that we are very rapidly approaching her first birthday! Whoa! It’s almost too much to bear…….. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but I think you know what I mean.

You know the routine, here’s what she’s up to now:

  • has four front teeth, with a fifth coming in
  • says several words (Momma, Dadda, yeah, bye)
  • follows simple directions
  • feeds herself using hands
  • throws everything (and she has great aim!)
  • drinks from a sippy cup
  • stacks blocks
  • climbs up onto and down from couch (bed)
  • plays independently, as well as with her big sisters
  • starting to run (she frequently attempts a grab & go, but she’s still  too slow not to get caught)

She’s quite a character and isn’t afraid to let you know what she wants, or when she wants it, or how she…….. (well you get it) :)  But she really is “sugar and spice and every thing nice”.

10 months old!!!

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Ok, nevermind the fact that Baby J will be 11 months in 5 days!

Better late than never, right? I’ll blame it all on lazy summer days. But since I’m sooooo late I’ll keep this short and sweet. Baby J learned to walk right before she turned 10 months! So she’s excitedly spent the month perfecting her newly found skill.

And because she’s so cute walking around, here’s a little clip for you to check it out. (I promise she’ll make you smile :) )

Baby J is ………8 months!

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It’s hard to believe that time has really been moving this fast. Baby J just turned 8 months. And she still impresses us every day.

Here’s what she’s up to now, she can:

  • eat table food
  • shake her head “no”
  • enjoy swinging
  • drink from a sippy cup
  • escape her big sister

Dude, where’s my……..

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Original cover of Flowers in the Attic.

Original cover of Flowers in the Attic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Growing up, I always wished we lived in a house that had a cool attic. (What? Don’t all kids do that?) You know, I wanted an attic like the one from “Flower’s in the Attic”, well minus the selfish Mom and loco Grandmom. But you get the point. The type of attic that had enough space to run around in and play hide and seek. Well that never happened, but I kept daydreaming about it. For real.

Anyways, when we were house hunting I always checked out the attic to see if I’d ever find my dream attic (ok, dream attic is a bit much, but you know what I mean). All this rambling to say that as a kid, a huge attic = a fun place to hang out and play, but today as an adult a huge attic = major storage space. Yay!

Our attic is pretty large but unfortunately it’s not all useable space. But there’s enough space for lots and LOTS of storage. So if you were to take a look in our attic now it would consist of  50% Christmas items, 10%home decor, 40% baby items. Which means if and when things are purged, it’s the baby items that get the boot.

In our area there’s usually a few children’s consignment sales a couple times a year that I’ve checked out in the past. So this year I decided to participate to help get rid of unnecessary clutter. And it was fairly easy to do. I registered online and entered and priced my items for sale into their computer system. Afterwards I printed bar codes and attached them to my items. The hardest part of the process would have to have been the actual sorting. And here’s a few pictures of why.

the Little One trying on old PJs

Little One trying to convince me that they still fit. :)

However we still got it done. And afterwards I picked up anything that didn’t sale because we were having a neighborhood wide yard sale. So it gave me a second chance to sell anything that hadn’t previously sold. Here’s how we did.

Consignment Sale                                       Yard Sale

$130 approx                                                   $120 approx

- $ 30% consign                                            -$3 portion of ad cost

-$ 10 registration fee               -$17 kids (eating away our profits!) :)

$80 profit                                                                  $100 profit

Pretty good right?! Almost $200 for stuff we’d never use again that’s just sitting in the attic! And since this was our 2nd yard sale I feel like a pro, so if you decide to have one here’s a few tips.

Yard Sale TIPS

  • only sale what you would buy
  • if items are not in saleable condition use them elsewhere, like for cleaning rags or recycle
  • price things accordingly. your goal is to get rid of things, not get rich
  • be realistic and flexible
  • whatever doesn’t sell, no big deal, just donate it

At the end of the day not everything sold, but we got rid of a ton of stuff, got a pocket full of cash and had a good time doing it. ……..Until we fast forward to yesterday when the Little One asks me (for the 2nd time since the yard sale) Where’s my giraffe shirt?

The Little One wearing her giraffe shirt. It's like she knew something was going to happen to it :)

Photo Challenge 14: Eyes

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Turtle D's- Cookie Monster's crazy eyes

Monkey's- Eyes

Mine- Can't say "no" to those.

{Challenges 1-13}

Six months!

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It’s that time of month again! What?! No, I mean it’s time to say “Happy Birthday” to Baby J. And she’s 6 months old! Everyday she amazes us with something new up her tiny little sleeve.

How do you like her new "do"? :)

Here’s a few of her newest “tricks”:

  • has developed a special “help! my big sister (the Little One) is messing with me” cry
  • sits unsupported
  • eats baby food without much mess
  • sits herself up
  • crawls!!!! yes, Baby J can crawl!

And since she said that you probably wouldn’t believe it, here’s a video of her showing off.

(sorry about the loud music, we were jammin’ this morning)

Easy DIY bookshelf

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Last fall I participated in the Pinterest Challenge (fall edition), hosted by a few of my favorite blogs YoungHouseLove and Bower Power. Well, they’re back again! This time they brought along  The Great Indoors and Hi Sugarplum! Stop by and give them a visit and check out the cool things others have done!

Here’s what I’ve been up to.

I try to cut back on the clutter around the house. So occasionally we purge items that we no longer need or use. However, with Baby J’s arrival that means holding on to many things a bit longer.

Crib, swing, stroller, baby bounce this, baby bounce that, you know, all of the things that I couldn’t wait to get rid of and that includes the many, many baby books. Don’t get me wrong. I love reading to Baby J and the Little One, but there comes a point where things start to get out of hand.

So the Little One helped me tackle the task of creating a separate space for her books.

First we cleared out the shelf. Then we sorted the books. She liked this step because she got to point out all of the “baby books”. From there……well the books stayed stacked up for a few days as I tried to figure out how I was going to make the Little One a book shelf. And she reminded me several times that she NEEDED a book shelf so that she could put her books away. :)

So this is the basic look I was going for. Not so much the style, but I like the slim profile of it and how it’s not free-standing, but is attached to the wall. I wanted to take advantage of the space behind their bedroom door, so this wall mounted style was ideal. You can check how it was created here.This can be done a number of ways. This is what I did.

A while ago when the Borders in town was closing and selling everything in the building I picked up these two shelves (of some sort) for $1 a piece. So here’s what I started with.

Other supplies/tools I used were scrap wood, wood glue, circular saw and paint.  I used a leftover piece of pegboard and placed my “shelf” over it to trace the bottom board of the shelf. Next, using the circular saw I cut it out, then glued the two pieces together. After it  dried I primed and painted the two shelves.

I attached two keyhole fasteners to each shelf, and drilled two keyhole screws into the wall.

And the finished product.

The Little One and I are pretty proud. She now has her own bookshelves just for all of her “big girl” books.

Almost moving!

Yes, time is flying! Baby J turns five months old today! Wow that’s almost 6 months, half a year. And there’s lots of changes with her, but she’s still pretty amazing.

 Here’s what she’s up to now:

  • reaches for her bottle, though she can’t hold it by herself
  • support herself on her hands and knees (pictured showing off above)
  • eat a small amount of baby food
  • rock herself back and forth while on her hands and knees. it looks like she’d going to take off and burn rubber, but she just fizzes out and lays down :)
  • when on her stomach, she turns her body to change directions
  • sleep in her crib for most of the night (yes! no bassinet in our bedroom!)
  • withstand her big sister the Little One (she doesn’t mean to, but she can be kind of tough)
  • cry on demand if you even THINK about putting her down
  • scoot, wiggle, slide and other random movements to somehow inch around on the floor

Photo Challenge 6: From a low angle

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Turtle D’s- Her sister’s room

Monkey’s- Baby J in the air

Mine- I ran these stairs… well kind of. I was going to the truck then

realized it’d be a good pic, so  I ran back down :)

{Challenges 1-5}

123 Days

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Baby J turned 4 months yesterday. Isn’t that exciting? And yes, I counted the days and she’s 123 124 days old today! (ok, I’ll admit to you that I just spent 5 minutes figuring out that I am 11,772 days old!) Anyways,

Here she is….

Isn’t she lovely?!

* Her newest trick is rolling from her back to her stomach, yeah it sounds pretty simple but she makes it look really amazing. :)

To celebrate we had big plans, and it involved….(drumroll please)…….baby food!

Peas. Yummmmm!

It was like she was getting dressed to go to the prom or something. We were all really excited. So excited that the  Little One insisted on getting her own spoon because she wanted some for herself. She called it “green baby yogurt.” :)

I’ll spare you a wordy breakdown of how that went. Just check out the pics.

And this is what Baby J thought.

She wasn’t impressed.


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